Just ordered a zephyr bluetooth heart rate strap

I Just ordered a bluetooth zephyr heart rate strap. Hopefully will get a quick integration to the app with current,average,lowest,higest heart rate in the next month or so. then back to the android developement and redo of the blackberry version which should include these values and also a detailed history and graph of heart rate, and also some user settings that’ll help to better calculate calories and max/min heart rate zones.


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5 Responses to Just ordered a zephyr bluetooth heart rate strap

  1. Brian O'Keeffe says:

    Wow! Keep up the good work!

  2. Jim says:

    I’ll take one. That will be a great addition. Any progress?

  3. Eric B says:

    I’ve been using it for a few rides now. Seems to work well. Zephyr shipped it to me in Malaysia, got here in 3 days not problems.

  4. Justin Case says:

    I have the App on my BB and it worked great…then I bought the Zephyr heart monitor and after shelling out $125 on Amazon for a brand new one it doesn’t work AT ALL – I charged it up via the usb connection; strapped it on; got on the bike, opened up the app, detected satellite signal and then I clicked “connect to Zyphr” – went on a 35 mile ride; all data was capture except my heart rate. Tried it 2 more times and it just doesn’t work. Any Ideas? I emailed the POS application developer twice and never hear anything back. I’m ready to dump the worthless thing.

  5. Justin Case says:

    Let me first apologize to Mark, the developer, for my hasty and uncalled for negative rant. He, in fact, emailed me instructions as I had asked and I had simply overlooked the email, my bad. My apologies. After reading his instructions I was able to synch my BB application to my new Zephyr heart rate monitor and got it working right away. I went on a 33 mile ride today and am pleased to report all data including heart rate was captured. Thanks for the help and again accept my apologies for being a bit of a dick. 😐

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